Hemp, the Wonder Material

Tidy Tots® No FoldTM Diapers and Boosters are made from an organic hemp blend, a material that is simply the best choice for baby’s delicate bottom:

Baby stays drier and more comfy. Fewer leaks, fewer rashes, and healthier skin.

What about Cotton?

Lots of cloth diapers are made of cotton. It’s natural, soft, and traditional. But cotton is simply much less absorbent than hemp and it is not as durable. Tidy Tots diapers deliver everything you need: super-absorbency, snuggly softness, and durability.

Why we don’t use microfiber

Synthetic microfiber is a very absorbent alternative, but soap, solids, and germs can actually get trapped in its fibers and produce stains and smells that you can’t get rid of, even with multiple launderings. And manufacturers recommend that the most absorbent microfibers should not be next to babies' skin - they wick so well that they can dry the skin and actually cause diaper rash. That is why we choose hemp, the best natural alternative for baby.