Business Masks

Business Masks

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Special masks for essential businesses and those looking to reopen!
Keep your team safe, and on brand with reusable cloth masks
Custom Branded Colors & Prints Available, Let us design the perfect mask for you!
Affordable Volume Pricing

• Washable and reusable masks •

Our easy wear masks come in a variety of styles and made with soft felt inner layer and around the head elastic for all day comfort! Our proprietary design cups around the nose and cheeks while resting on the jawline ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Custom colors for branding available, or for quicker service you can pick from our current offerings.

We have 3 styles of masks to choose from:

  • Essential - Comfortable and lightweight for easy breathability in low contact environments
    • 2 ply
    • soft inner cotton felt
    • tight woven outer cotton fabric
    • Gentle around the head elastic for comfy all day wear
  • Essential Contoured - for easy breathability and eye wear friendly fit. Best for medium to low contact environments where distancing is routinely maintained
    • 3 ply cotton mask with nose bridge
      • tight woven outer fabric of your choice
      • 2 ply inner cotton felt
    • mold-able nose bridge to eliminate gaps around the nose that can cause discomfort and annoying foggy glasses.
  • Filtering Contoured - 5 layer mask for environments where social distancing might not always be maintained.
    • 5 layers
      • Outer tight woven cotton fabric
      • 3 layer filtering fabric
      • inner soft cotton felt
    • extended bridge molds around nose and cheeks for the ultimate secure and comfy fit
    • gentle around the head elastic for all day comfortable wear

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