Our Difference

What Makes Tidy Tots® the best Choice?

We asked busy, hard working families what they wanted out of a diaper. It shocked us that not only cloth, but disposable diapers had a lot of room for improvement. We designed our diaper with hundreds of details that not only work together to provide today's busy parents with what's important to them, but make Tidy Tots the best cloth diaper out there.

Mess Free!

Flush the mess, Wash the rest.

The first and only diaper designed to be used with a liner! Tidy Tots is the only diaper with a secured liner. It doesn't take a genius to figure out trying to get a little piece of paper to stay in place using friction isn't a great plan. With Tidy Tots its doesn't matter if your little one is sleeping, crawling, running, or jumping, our liners protect the diapers from solids so you don't have to spray, scrape, or soak Tidy Tots like every other cloth diaper.

Rash Free!

Diaper Rash is a thing of the past with Tidy Tots

Our snuggly soft diapers are breathable, and made with organic hemp, a super absorbent and anti–microbial, all natural fabric. Flushies are soothing on baby’s skin, and unlike other cloth allow you to use diaper creams when you introduce foods.

Leak Free!

Even for heavy wetters

Our comfy, breathable covers have our patented deep gussets, to ensure no leaks around legs. Combine that with our super absorbent hemp No Fold and Booster, Tidy Tots is perfect for overnight even for the heaviest wetter.

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