Washing Instructions

How do I wash Tidy Tots® Diapers?

Tidy Tots® is committed to ensuring your experience with washable diapers is as simple and effective as possible. We have performed exhaustive research on the best washing practices for our diapers.

Safety experts recommend setting your hot water heater at 120 degrees or less, which is safe for your children and great for washing our diapers.

Washing 101

  •  Choose a detergent without surfactants, chelating agents and /or builders.
  •  Use the recommended dose for your detergent. Never use fabric softener.
  •  Use your washing machine pre-soak cycle, and double rinse if available. .
  •  Select the hot water temperature for your No Fold™ Diapers and Boosters. Wash covers in warm water for best wear.


Drying routine


  •  Tumble dry on warm
  •  Never use dryer sheets
  •  Remove from dryer immediately to minimize wrinkles


Line dry

  •  Tumble dry our hemp products on warm occasionally to maintain their soft feel


*Please remove pockets before washing our pick-a-pocket™ diaper covers.


Remember all our hemp products have been pre-washed for hours, so they are ready to use right out of the box. We understand you have enough on your plate without washing our product 6 -8 times before using.

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