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No leaks, and NOT bulky? Holy cow yes!!

" I am utterly speechless as I type this!! I have just used these diapers on both of my boys whom are 18 months and 12 weeks old. I'm still speechless!! I have ALWAYS had a leak, at some point. Have. And let me repeat....HAVE had leaks. I was extremely skeptical with the 'no leak' print on the website and packaging. Surely nothing can be leak proof, especially with my boys whom pee allllll the time! Lol. These ARE LEAK PROOF!!! And the hemp diapers(inserts) are SUPER SUPER absorbent! No leaks, and NOT bulky? Holy cow yes!! "


" The word is going to be spread and sang in the mountains! I love these diapers a. D the passion and love that goes into each thread of these diapers. Pure passion, and it has made this mommy super happy. Super happy. And my boys....they are dry. Priceless. "

We love Tidy Tots Diapers

" We love Tidy Tots Diapers. The first time I put our son (22 months now) in one a few weeks ago, my husband picked him up and asked if I switched back to disposables! He couldn't believe how slim he was in Tidy Tots diapers! "

love at first sight

" I just want to say that we love the Tidy Tots diapers. As soon as I ripped open that package and slapped that cute little diaper on my LO's booty. You could say that it was love at first sight. I love that you don't have to prep these, and how the liner covers all of the insert...oh and you can actually flush the liners and not have to worry about anything backing up. My LO is a heavy wetter and I have not had any leaks. Tidy Tots has become my go to diaper! "

Absolutely WONDERFUL!!

" I have never dealt with a company that was as wonderful as Tidy Tots Diapers. They were absolutely WONDERFUL! "

best on the market!!

" These liners are the best on the market!! They stick to the Velcro on the back of the 'no fold diaper insert' and stay put. They also do not stick to the precious tooshie they are up against. Recommending to all!!! No more mess, that is a huge selling point!!! "

Almost In Tears

" I am almost in tears....good tears. I used the diapers today and I can not say enough praise to you, your passion, your quality of product you have made, and the company and workers whom make it possible to get to me. Truly amazing, and a blessing! I had NO leaks, and I admit I was skeptical. But no leaks, and no bulky diapers. I am beyond happy. Beyond. These are going to be my "cloth" diapers I recommend, truly. I want to get more, and strictly use these bc they are so....amazing. And nothing in the diaper bag....and no fussy kids. Happy mommy, happy babies. It makes me smile! Tidy Tots....amazing. Thank you. "

We love Tidy Tots Diapers

" We love Tidy Tots Diapers. The first time I put our son (22 months now) in one a few weeks ago, my husband picked him up and asked if I switched back to disposables! He couldn't believe how slim he was in Tidy Tots diapers! "

Awesome diapers!! Well done Tidy Tots!

" I love these diapers and will probably be buying more! No leaking overnight is soooo awesome! No complaints from my little one, no red marks or other issues that might show some discomfort. I was really happy with the durability and Velcro strength in the diapers. The best is the same size fit my 1 month old and my 16 month old and no leaking or issues with either. It's definitely something that will last a while for us. I did not have any leaks even overnight with the diapers - which is awesome because I have a heavy wetter! "


" I'm always a fan of products that are designed to grow with your baby, and these diapers are a good example of that. The design is cute, (I LOVE the little dinosaur pattern on the cover), and the diaper is easy to use. They've thought of how to solve so many of the issues that diapering can bring - extra absorption, removing flushable solids, etc. I love that the kit came with everything I needed (including a wet bag to put the dirty diapers in while out and about!) and more inserts than covers, so I could keep using the diapers longer. Compared to the diapers I have now and had in the past, I'd say that this is a good diaper. It fit snugly around the waist, thanks to the overlapping hook and loop closures and there were no gaps around the legs, so it fit well. It was very creative - I have pre-folds for some of the diapers I use, but to already have them folded is a great idea! I love the idea of putting the booster into the actual insert to keep it secure, makes it even better and I like the idea of incorporating the flushable liners. I'm also a big fan of Velcro, because that's what I always used before and am familiar with, and I seem to get stuck when I try to use snaps lol. "

I would totally recommend these. In fact, I've already started.

" It gets a 5/5 for sure! It is a fantastic diapering system. Easy to use and I foresee more purchases. I was really surprised. I loved the leg gussets and my 11 week old slept for a good 4 hours with no leaking. I only prepped the diapers once and was really happy with no leaking. The sizing is great. I was so happy to see a great fit. I loved how these diapers fit my tiny newborn twin girls. The leg gussets are brilliant to prevent leaking. I also love the organic inserts. It is greatly priced for natural organic fiber inserts and two covers and wet bag. Love the leg gussets and organic inserts. They are my favorite by far for natural inserts. "

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