Our newborn size fits babies from 6-16 lbs.

Our newborn diaper is designed to fit small babies but will continue to work until your baby is about 16 lbs. If you start with Tidy Tots® when your newborn is closer to the upper limit, you should move up a size, to Medium

Note: Our Medium No FoldTM Diapers will also work with Newborn Covers. That way, you have the option of using Medium No Fold Diapers from the beginning, first with Newborn Covers, and eventually Medium covers.


Our Medium size will fit most babies from 10-36 lbs

Our medium diaper is designed to fit most babies. If your baby is close to the upper end of the weight range, and is in a higher weight percentile and lower height percentile, you should move up a size, to Large

Note: Our Med/Lg. No Fold Diapers and Boosters work with Medium and Large Size covers. So, if you need larger covers, you can still keep using your No Fold Diapers.


Our Large size fits most babies 30 lbs. and up

The Tidy Tots diaper cover is elasticized in the waist and around the leg opening. The elastic should fit snugly around the waist and legs with no gaps. For best fit, make sure the leg elastic is placed in the crease between the baby's leg and abdomen. If the waist elastic is fully extended, with no "give" left, you should consider ordering the next size up.

... for a newborn? Newborns usually need 8-10 diaper changes a day. Although you will find that you do not need to put on a new cover with every diaper change, you should expect to use at least 3 covers and 10 No FoldTM Diapers per day, with one to two boosters overnight. The total number of diapers and covers you'll need will also depend upon your laundry schedule.

Our Newborn Complete StartTM Set provides 12 covers, 40 No Fold Diapers and 10 Boosters, and should be an adequate supply for 4-5 days between laundering. Of course, you can also supplement this set to further customize your layette.

... for an older baby? Older babies usually need fewer diaper changes per day, although that can vary from child to child. On average, you'll need 5-6 No Fold Diapers per day and most babies will use 2-3 covers each day. Again, the total number of diapers you'll need will also depend upon your laundry schedule. Use our diaper calculator (below) to figure out what you'll need, based on your schedule and your baby.

Our Great Start Set provides 6 covers, 12 No FoldTM Diapers and 8 Boosters, and should be an adequate supply for 2 days between laundry loads. You can supplement your Great Start with additional components to meet your needs.

Diaper Gear Calculator (for babies 3 months and up) How many diapers will you need? That depends in part on how frequently you plan to do laundry, and in part on your child. Use this calculator to help you estimate how many diapers you'll need for babies about 3 months plus. (For newborns, see "How Many Covers, Diapers and Boosters will I need?" above

ComponentPer dayDoing laundry... every day...every other dayevery third dayevery fourth day
Covers 3 3 6 9 12
No FoldTM Diapers 6 6 12 18 24
Boosters - Average wetters 4 4 8 12 16
Light wetters 1 1 2 3 4
Heavy wetters 10 10 20 30 40

We just launched Tidy Tots Diapers in April 2012. Right now, Tidy Tots are available through our website. As we add retail locations over the coming months we will share our news with you on our website and facebook page. We invite you to register on our website. (You'll find the Register Button in the News Section of the top banner.) This is the best way to make sure you hear about new products, new designs, retail openings and events, and of course, sales.

We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on new purchases. If you are not satisfied, return the merchandise and we will refund your money.

We are proud of the quality materials and workmanship in our diapers. If you believe that you have received a product that has a defect or doesn't live up to our quality standards, we will replace that product.

PUL stands for Polyurethane Laminate and we use it for our Diaper Covers. It is a medical grade fabric that is both water resistant and breathable, making it much more comfortable than old-fashioned plastic pants. Many other diaper companies also use this fabric for covers. We choose a very high grade of PUL, so that our covers are both cute and durable.

Tidy Totstm is committed to ensuring your experience with washable diapers is as effective, simple, and convenient as possible. We have performed exhaustive research on the best washing practices for our diapers.

Recommended Washing Practices

In general, we recommend you wash your hemp No Fold Diapers and Boosters in hot water and the Covers in warm water. Safety experts recommend setting your hot water heater at 120 degrees or less,which is safe for your children and great for washing our diapers.

  • Use the recommended dose for your detergent. Never use fabric softener.
  • Use your washing machine pre-soak cycle. Pre-soaking aids in the release of solids, lifting stains and sanitizing.
  • Select the hot water temperature for your No Fold Diapers and Boosters. Most detergents perform their best when hot water is used. Wash covers in warm water for best wear.

Drying Tidy Tots®

In the dryer
  • Tumble dry on warm
  • Never use dryer sheets
  • Remove from dryer immediately to minimize wrinkles
Line drying

Line drying is an effective means to dry your No Fold Diapers . Even if you line dry, occasionally tumble dry your diapers to help maintain their shape and soften their feel.

Selecting the right detergent is essential to getting great results and properly maintaining your washable diapers. Detergents with brighteners, dyes, enzymes, fabric softeners and scents are not the best option for the diapers, your baby, or the environment. Read labels when you are shopping and avoid detergents with those ingredients.

Yes, as long as they haven't been soiled with solids. Wash in warm water, with the covers, and tumble dry. They can be used up to three times.

Yes! In addition to the solids, prints, and denim we currently offer, we plan on offering new colors and patterns each season. Another reason to Register on the website, so we can keep you updated on new offerings and sales on close-outs.

Orders placed before 1 pm on Monday through Friday ship that day. Orders placed after 1 pm will ship the following day. We will be offering overnight and two-day shipping soon

Babies using Tidy Tots Diapers during our extensive testing experienced less diaper rash than with other cloth diapers. (Hemp is naturally anti-microbial). However, diaper rashes can occur due to illness, teething, introduction of new foods, and allergies. We recommend cornstarch, as it is a time-tested, natural choice. (Our FlushiesTM liners are also made of cornstarch.)

You may also use ointments, as our cornstarch liners provide a protective barrier for the No Fold Diaper. (Many other cloth diaper companies void their warranties if you use an ointment with their diapers.)

Our diaper system was designed to achieve the highest level of leak protection. First ensure that the diaper is placed on the baby correctly. The elastic gusset should be placed in the crease between your baby's leg and abdomen. In addition, you can customize the absorbency your baby requires by inserting boosters in the back of the No Fold Diaper. Adding one or two Boosters will alleviate leaking.

Tidy Tots® diapers are designed to be customizable to your baby's needs. If wetness is occurring while Baby sleeps, simply add a Booster for additional protection. Our research indicates that 80% of parents using Tidy Tots diapers find that one to two Boosters overnight are sufficient for eliminating leaks entirely. The remaining 20% of babies may require three boosters for eliminating overnight wetness.

Newborns: Newborn babies require changing often, especially if they are breastfed. Our recommendation is every 2 hours during the day; the majority of newborns will only require one Booster during the day. Overnight, customize our system with Boosters to allow changes to coincide with your baby's feeding schedule. Older Babies: As babies get older, they gain in bladder control. They tend to wet less often, in higher volume. We recommend that you change your baby's diaper every 3 to 4 hours. Customize the diaper system to your baby's needs by inserting one or more Boosters.

Our diaper system was designed to match our performance to your baby's absorbency needs. Light wetters may require only the No Fold Diaper during the day and the addition of a Booster overnight. Average wetters may require one Booster during the day and two overnight. Heavy wetters may require two Boosters during the day and three overnight. If you know what type of wetter your baby is, start with the configuration for his or his type. Are you a new parent or not sure? We recommend you start with the average wetter's configuration and adjust up or down the number of Booster to meet your baby's needs.

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