Stay Dry Booster 2pk

$7.99 $6.99

Absorbs quicker that any other cloth material Special material made just for cloth diapers that absorbs quickly and keeps baby feeling dryer longer. Moisture wicking with an outer polyester layer, and bamboo cotton inner layer to pull it in and trap...

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Wet Bag


The same great wet bags that come with our sets are now available if you want more! Our durable and Waterproof wet bags are made of PUL with a hanging strap. Comes in 3 sizes for travel, pool, beach, strollers, toiletries gym and of course dirty diapers.

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Swim Insert - 2Pk.


How does using Tidy Tots get even better? Your favorite One Size Tidy Tots Snap Cover is a swim diaper too! You and your little one can swim in confidence with Tidy Tots trap it all technology and these amazing swim inserts! Washable One size swim...

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Booster 2 Pack

$15.95 $14.95

Heavy wetters are no match for Tidy Tots Boosters with 4 layers of superior absorbency. Our Boosters fit into the back pocket of our No Fold Diapers and come out in the wash. Trim and antimicrobial, these organic hemp blend Boosters give that extra layer...

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