Diaper Calculator

How many covers, liners and Boosters will I need ...

... for a newborn?
Newborns usually need 8-10 diaper changes a day. Although you will find that you do not need to put on a new cover with every diaper change, you should expect to use at least 3 covers and 10 No FoldTM Diapers per day, with one to two boosters overnight. The total number of diapers and covers you'll need will also depend upon your laundry schedule.

Our Newborn Complete StartTM Set provides 12 covers, 40 No Fold Diapers and 10 Boosters, and should be an adequate supply for 4-5 days between laundering. Of course, you can also supplement this set to further customize your layette.

... for an older baby?
Older babies usually need fewer diaper changes per day, although that can vary from child to child. On average, you'll need 5-6 No Fold Diapers per day and most babies will use 2-3 covers each day. Again, the total number of diapers you'll need will also depend upon your laundry schedule. Use our diaper calculator (below) to figure out what you'll need, based on your schedule and your baby.

Our Great Start Set provides 6 covers, 12 No FoldTM Diapers and 8 Boosters, and should be an adequate supply for 2 days between laundry loads. You can supplement your Great Start with additional components to meet your needs.

Diaper Gear Calculator (for babies 3 months and up)
How many diapers will you need? That depends in part on how frequently you plan to do laundry, and in part on your child. Use this calculator to help you estimate how many diapers you'll need for babies about 3 months plus. (For newborns, see "How Many Covers, Diapers and Boosters will I need?" above

Component Per day Doing laundry... every day ...every
other day
third day
fourth day
Covers 3 3 6 9 12
No FoldTM Diapers 6 6 12 18 24
Boosters -
Average wetters
4 4 8 12 16
Boosters -
Heavy wetters
6 6 12 18 24
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