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My name is Sandy Beck and I'm the proud founder of Tidy Tots Diapers. I find inspiration and motivation from our smallest, sweetest, messiest, most adorable creations; our children. And I strive to make their future a safer and better place. A better cloth diapering option became my focus and new challenge when I decided to turn the page on a successful exit from owning and operating a tech company. I am dedicated to improving how we diaper our children; making it safer, easier, and healthier. Unfortunately, cloth diapers came with so many challenges that busy families just found it overwhelming. This was the impetus to develop a cloth diaper that addresses each of these flaws. We've created a cloth diaper that is sure to revolutionize the market. I bring you Tidy Tots Diapers.

They say, "It takes a village to raise a child." And it took a village to create this diaper, too! With the help of over 100 families, we have tested, re-tested, refined and perfected Tidy Tots Diapers. Most importantly, these diapers were designed to use an organic disposable liner, called Flushies, that snaps and locks into place. That means you simply flush away the mess. Tidy Tots is the next generation of diapering that bridges the gap between disposables and cloth. Good for your baby with the convenience of disposables. Our 100’s of patented features work together to ensure our diapers are easy, saves you lots of time & money; while delivering unsurpassed performance. I believe it's the most natural and most effective way to diaper our little ones while enabling a healthier environment for their future. It's been my pleasure to work with so many wonderful parents and their adorable little babies as I developed Tidy Tots.

I am incredibly fortunate that my daughter Sara, has joined me on this amazing journey. Sara has dedicated herself to supporting Tidy Tots and together our passion has grown by leaps and bounds. We are committed to providing a ground- breaking cloth diaper, as well as superior customer service.

We both are also very committed and passionate about giving back. All our diapers are manufactured in upstate New York in a facility that hires, trains and supports individuals with disabilities. Another reason you can feel good about purchasing Tidy Tots diapers.

I’d like to personally invite you to try Tidy Tots diapers and welcome you to join our family.

Hugs and Kisses to your little ones!

Sandra Beck Receives 2019 Key4Women Achieve Award

The Achieve Award honors a local woman business leader who has achieved a high level of success in her career while making many contributions to the community.

A blessing of Cloth Diapers

"She also happens to be one of those truly rare humans who makes a difference in everything she touches."

Tidy Tots recognized as Schenectady ARC Employer Partner of the Year 2018,/u>

Small Business Excellence Award 2018

Albany Business Review - Woman Who Mean Business Award

Voted Product Of The Year 2020

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