Diaper TypeBest FeatureSignificant DrawbacksCompared to Tidy Tots® Diapers
Disposables Convenience Chemicals and energy to manufacture and transport are not environmentally friendly.
Big burden on landfills - an average baby uses 6000 diapers.
Usually cost more, even when factoring in laundering. Savings with cloth are multiplied when used for more than one child.
Pre-Folds Soft and familiar. Mostly cotton; not nearly as absorbent or durable as hemp. Lots of chemicals and water are required to grow cotton. Bulky, less absorbent, and you do have to fold them. Every time. The Tidy Tots® Diaper is truly No Fold, no kidding. And our diapers come pre-washed too.
All-in-Ones Easy to use. One piece. Lots of laundering. Each change requires washing the entire AIO. With Tidy Tots, you only change the components that are soiled. Often, you’ll just change the No FoldTM and wipe the cover clean.
Cotton Familiar, easy to find Not nearly as absorbent, environmentally unfriendly to grow, not as durable as hemp. Tidy Tots No FoldTM Diapers & Boosters are 100% organic hemp, super-absorbent, more environmentally friendly, and wear in, not out.
Microfiber Highly absorbent and becoming more prevalent in cloth diapers. Synthetic. Dense fibers trap moisture, soap and waste, causing stains, unpleasant residue feel and odor
Many manufacturers recommend not putting microfiber next to baby’s skin.
Tidy Tots Diapers absorbency rivals that of microfiber, but is a natural, earth-friendly product. Our diapers can always go next to your baby’s skin.
gDiapers Cute covers gPant is not water-resistant.
Washable insert is synthetic/cotton/hemp blend. Can’t customize absorbency.
Tidy Tots covers are made of water-resistant PUL. And our organic hemp No Fold Diapers snap easily into place.
bumGenius One size - convenient to buy. Versions with pocket require stuffing and (yuck) un-stuffing. Plus the same drawback of all-in-ones. With Tidy Tots, you only change the components that are soiled. Often, you’ll just change the No Fold and wipe the cover clean. Boosters come out in the wash by themselves. No un-stuffing.