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A business woman. A friend, wife and daughter. An environmentalist. But like most women out there, I am, first and foremost, a mom. My name is Sandra Beck and I'm the proud founder of Tidy Tots Diapers. I find inspiration and motivation from our smallest, sweetest, messiest, most adorable creations. Our children. And I strive to make their world a better place.

After decades of owning and operating a software company, I decided to turn the page and take on a new challenge. Since then I have dedicated my endeavors to changing the environment our children live in and making it safer, cleaner and healthier. During my research I learned that it takes 500 years to biodegrade disposable diapers. That's a pretty long time, don't you think? I sure did. So I've created a cloth diaper that is sure to revolutionize the market. I bring you Tidy Tots Diapers.

They say, "It takes a village to raise a child." And it took a village to create this diaper, too! With the help of over 100 families, during the course of 6 years, I have tested, re-tested, refined and perfected Tidy Tots Diapers. Most importantly, these diapers have a disposable insert called Flushies that snaps and locks into place. That means no leaks. No diaper rash. No "ick-factor!" I believe it's the most natural and most effective way to diaper our little ones and create a healthier environment for their future.

It's been my pleasure to work with so many wonderful parents and their incredible little babies as I developed Tidy Tots. I'd like to thank them for joining me on my mission to make a difference. Our children thank you, as well.

Hassle Free
Cloth Diapers

Ick Free
Flushies liners fasten securely no shifting or bunching.
Simply remove and flush.

Rash Free
Hemp diapers and boosters are naturally anti-microbial, flushies are made of cornstarch, a natural remedy for diaper rash

Leak Free
Water resistant trim prevents wicking, special gussets and flaps keep messes contained

The Cloth Diaper Reinvented™
  • No spraying, scraping, or swishing
  • Diapers are easy to use, simply snaps in
  • Boosters wash out -
    no unstuffing dirty diapers
  • Hemp resist odors and bacteria.
  • No pre-washing, hemp comes washed and ready.

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