Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Nicole Levine on 21st Apr 2014

Happy Earth Day!

gradyBlog.jpg As Earth Day approaches and I read articles about conservation and making "green" contributions to the world around us, I am reminded of a very inconvenient truth. Having kids is bad for the environment.

I have never met anyone more wasteful than my children. My son likes to frolic in sprinklers for hours. He opens a juice box, almost immediately loses it, then opens another. Both my son and daughter require 3 to 4 outfits a day which means laundry, laundry, laundry. In the bathroom, my son likes to flush, reflush and flush one more time "for good luck." My daughter goes through diapers almost as frequently as she blinks. The dishwasher is always on, the refrigerator is always open and the car is always on the road.

So I try to do little things here and there that will help the environment. Like recycling my wine bottles and turning off all the lights in the house... so what if the kids can't find me... I'm doing it for their future.

However, as wasteful and as bad as they are for the environment, kids are good for one thing. The heart.

So crank up your sprinklers and pass out the juice boxes. It's time to celebrate Earth Day!

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