GCDC 2016

Posted by Sara on 8th Apr 2016

April 23, 2016 At 11 AM benefiting The 6th annual Great Cloth Diaper Change is almost here! This year Tidy Tots Diapers is giving away 2 Trial Sets, just for finding a location near you and helping to spread the word! Join like minded parents around the world to celebrate and raise awareness for Cloth Diapers! Many locations have amazing prizes, free trials, and/or coupons for participants. Use the rafflecopter below to find a location near you, and share, tweet
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Adventures In Cloth Diapering - Part 2

Posted by Miranda on 5th Jun 2014

Our Cloth Diapering journey began in January 2014 when our 4th child was about 18 months.We were scared but determined to give it a real go this time.Now I want to share some obstacles we ran into and were able to overcome.1:)The Poop:Why oh why does this seem so scary.Every time I mention that we cloth diaper to someone, they are immediately concerned about how we manage to deal with the dirty diapers.One word: Flushies!The first brand of cloth diapers we tried offered disposable liners,
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