Tidy Tots cute and comfy PUL covers are the perfect mix of style, fit, and function. Our quality covers are made in the United States. Tidy Tots® patented features, workmanship, and high grade materials provide an unmatched and leak free experience. The design allows parents the luxury of using Tidy Tots covers multiple times before washing. One Size fits most 10-40lbs.

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  • So easy!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2017

    First time Mum and wanted to use reusable diapers. After much research I decided to purchase tidy tots and I am so happy I did! Easy to use and very little to no mess.

  • Awesome Diapers

    Posted by Kate F. on 15th Apr 2016

    I love Tidy Tots--from the actual diapers to the customer service. I've been using Tidy Tots on my 4-mo old since he was a newborn (I used the newborn covers then) and we never have leaks, no matter how explosive the mess is, and they are incredibly trim. It is very easy to get the correct fit with these diapers (very sticky hook and loop) and I love that they don't have snap-down rises. I prefer the new no-fold diaper to the old version (I can easily get 4 hours with a single no-fold and no booster, I just use a booster if I am using the old style). Highly, highly recommend these diapers. I am pretty sure there is nothing more trim on the market, or as innovative, or absorbent. I wish they would make the snap patterns available in the hook and loop.

  • 2nd time mom, 1st time cloth diaperer

    Posted by Amanda on 19th Aug 2015

    We love our Tidy Tots! I've never used any other cloth diapers, but I love how easy it is! After a wash and sun dry, I stuff the no-folds with a booster and prepare all the covers. Then we have a stack of diapers ready for the next change. If we leave the house we grabs a few off the stack with a wet bag for the dirties. The covers are so cute and the blow out flap has saved us saved us many times! Also the snaps at 4 points on the no folds keep the diaper from bunching up in the cover. If these were around when our 1st son was in diapers I would have used them.

    I also like that they aren't bulky. I had a friend use cloth and she always bought clothes bigger to fit to bulk. But I don't have to do that with these.

  • Best cover ever seriously!!

    Posted by Lindsey Griffin on 29th Mar 2014

    I am utterly speechless as I type this!! I have just used these diapers on both of my boys whom are 18 months and 12 weeks old. I'm still speechless!! Where do I begin?! I have cloth diapered my first born for over 16 months, and my 12 week old, for about 8 weeks. I have used prefolds, pockets, etc. and have ALWAYS had a leak, at some point. Have. And let me repeat....HAVE had leaks. I was extremely skeptical with the 'no leak' print on the website and packaging. Surely nothing can be leak proof, especially with my boys whom pee allllll the time! Lol. These ARE LEAK PROOF!!! And the hemp diapers(inserts) are SUPER SUPER absorbent! I usually have to use 2 microfiber inserts, or 1 microfiber and 1 bamboo together, or with my prefolds I add in an extra cloth. They get to be sooo bulky, and still will leak. These....nothing! No leak, and NOT bulky! Recommending? Holy cow yes!! The word is going to be spread and sang in the mountains! I love these diapers a. D the passion and love that goes into each thread of these diapers. Pure passion, and it has made this mommy super happy. Super happy. And my boys....they are dry. Priceless.

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