Essential Set

Essential Set


Hassle Free Diapering with Tidy Tots! Appeal to Baby's personality with trim and adorable diaper covers, and rely on its patented design and materials to provide a Leak Free experience that keeps babies giggling away the days. Heavy wetters are no match for our soft hemp blend, No Fold™ Diapers and Boosters. Flushies® diaper liners, are truly a rock star, snapping into Tidy Tots® diaper covers, allowing them to quickly be removed. Just flush away the mess!
Yes, diapering can be that easy!

This Ick Free, Rash Free, And Leak Free, Diaper Set Contains:

  • 4 No Fold™ Diapers - Super absorbent, no fuss 4 layer organic hemp blend diapers that snap into our covers with ease
  • 4 Boosters - 4 ply organic hemp blend inserts to customize absorbency. Comes out in the wash, say goodbye to un-stuffing!
  • 2 cute, comfortable, and Leak Free diaper covers with Smart Rise™ and hook & loop closures for the absolute perfect fit everyday
  • 1 roll of 100 biodegradable Flushies® diaper liners secures and protects the hemp diaper from the solids; just flush away the mess
  • 1 Wetbag
  • One Size fits most 10-40 lbs.
  • Made In USA, at a facility that supports individuals with disabilities

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  • Best Customer Service!!!

    Posted by Courtney on 27th Oct 2014

    I had won a giveaway from a blog for an essentials set. I heard from them quickly and got the product fast. Not only did they allow me to pick two printed covers, when the wrong covers were accidentally sent to my house, I contacted their team and they told me they would ship out the correct covers and that I could keep the wrong ones!! The product looks great and I should be getting the right stuff soon :) so excited. Never hesitate to talk to the awesome team at Tidy Tots!

  • So Cute

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2014

    I am so happy with these Diapers. I have not had a chance to try them out. However I have been looking at so many brands and these are by far the best I have found! I love all the options for cover! They are all very cute!!

  • Speechless

    Posted by Lindsey Griffin on 29th Mar 2014

    I am utterly speechless as I type this!! I have just used these diapers on both of my boys whom are 18 months and 12 weeks old. I'm still speechless!! Where do I begin?! I have cloth diapered my first born for over 16 months, and my 12 week old, for about 8 weeks. I have used prefolds, pockets, etc. and have ALWAYS had a leak, at some point. Have. And let me repeat....HAVE had leaks. I was extremely skeptical with the 'no leak' print on the website and packaging. Surely nothing can be leak proof, especially with my boys whom pee allllll the time! Lol. These ARE LEAK PROOF!!! And the hemp diapers(inserts) are SUPER SUPER absorbent! I usually have to use 2 microfiber inserts, or 1 microfiber and 1 bamboo together, or with my prefolds I add in an extra cloth. They get to be sooo bulky, and still will leak. These....nothing! No leak, and NOT bulky! Recommending? Holy cow yes!! The word is going to be spread and sang in the mountains! I love these diapers a. D the passion and love that goes into each thread of these diapers. Pure passion, and it has made this mommy super happy. Super happy. And my boys....they are dry. Priceless.

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