Great Start Set

Great Start Set


Voted Best Diaper Set By Maternity & Newborn Magazine's Independent Parent Reviews To Receive The Top Choice Award of 2015! Hassle Free Diapering with Tidy Tots! Appeal to Baby's personality with trim and adorable diaper covers, and rely on its patented design and materials to provide a Leak Free experience that keeps babies giggling away the days. Heavy wetters are no match for our soft hemp blend, No Fold™ Diapers and Boosters. Flushies® diaper liners, are truly a rock star, snapping into Tidy Tots® diaper covers, allowing them to quickly be removed. Just flush away the mess!
Yes, diapering can be that easy!

  • 12 No Fold™ Diapers - Super absorbent, no fuss 4 layer organic hemp blend diapers that snap into our covers with ease
  • 8 Boosters - 4 ply organic hemp blend inserts to customize absorbency. Comes out in the wash, say goodbye to un-stuffing!
  • 6 cute, comfortable, and Leak Free diaper covers with Smart Rise™ and hook & loop closures for the absolute perfect fit everyday
  • 1 roll of 100 biodegradable Flushies® diaper liners secures and protects the hemp diaper from the solids; just flush away the mess
  • 1 Wetbag
  • One Size fits most 10-40 lbs.
  • Made In USA, at a facility that supports individuals with disabilities

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  • Love the diapers

    Posted by Rachana on 14th Mar 2019

    I purchased 2 great starter sets after discussing with Sandra. She is so wonderful and helpful in providing all the information. My LO was 9lb when I started using these diapers, despite of thin legs they fit perfectly. I was skeptical about the leaks. The diapers fit was perfect, it's bulky at this stage but will get better as she grows. I purchased the Velcro version since it is much easier during the changing sessions and more flexible fit. I'm savings tons on the disposables already. The cleaning is very easy and no mess. I was doubtful of the odor in the house because of the cloth diaper and wet bag but there is hint of it. I love these diapers and very happy I chose Tidy Tots. Thank you Sandra for this amazing diaper, which makes cloth diapering easier.

  • Love at first use!

    Posted by JJ on 30th Dec 2016

    I just started using these on the third child I have cloth diapered. So far I am so impressed with this system. Most one size diapers don't fit my 3 week old who is probably around 10 lbs. These fit nicely, leave no gaps around the legs. Super absorbent yet they do not take a long time to dry. They also fit my friends 2 year old just as well. Trim. Washes well. No leaks or blow outs so far.

  • My sons Miracle diaper as we like to call them.

    Posted by Madelene on 4th Mar 2016

    For 18 months so far of his life. I have literally tried every single disposable diapering option available. Even ordering from Europe. Nothing helped. His diaper area looked the way ppls skin looks if they have boiling water sloshed on him. Every diaper was tinted with pink, yes blood, no matter the ointments, balms, homemade remedies, and excessively frequent diaper changes. So yes I have known about cloth diapering for some time now. But the ones I had tried just would not do what we needed. On top of all the physical aspects he is a VERY Heavy fast wetter and I figured even with a butt the size of Texas from padding that did not stop the bed sheets being soaked, I figured I will never be rid of the horror of disposables at night. But these are are saving grace. I have had no leaks at all even OVERNIGHT. I did over stuff the inserts the first night but have found that just a diaper with one of the regular four ply inserts is enough. This diapering system allows me to administer his ointments to help him heal up without damaging the integrity of the diapers themselves because of the flushie sheets. Also I hated dealing with the poo end of cloth diapering as my landlord wont let me add a sprayer on the toilet or a handheld sprayer in the bath to use in a bucket. They really do keep the mess and I mean the sticky paste mess from going through. I unsnap gather the corners and flush it away then throw the soakers in the wet bag for wash day. Also these sheets will last forever. As parents we do know when our kids are more likely to have a bowel movement. So you do not have to use them on all diapers. I actually just make two up with the flushies and put them on when the time is near and it has worked fantastic. if you change a diaper without a bowel movement and used a flushie just dry it as you will be the diaper shell. You can get at least two uses that way. I do not see me needing to buy more for months. These are so worth the try and with the money back 30 day guarantee why not? Also they have other less expensive options to try. In the ones with snaps and hook and loop. For I think its $45 you get one diaper cover that has snaps two boosters and two diaper inserts, the Velcro try it bundle has two diaper covers two boosters and two diapers.

  • They thought of everything...

    Posted by Julia L. on 11th Sep 2015

    I tried cloth diapering with my son... mainly bum genius and thirsties brand, and it was disappointing to say the least. Lots of leaks, rash issues, bulkiness that drove me crazy, etc. I thought maybe I would just have to give up my hopes of cloth diapering when my daughter came, but I stumbled across this site and found answers to different things that I disliked about all the other cloth diapers on the market. They have the benefits of prefold in being able to reuse the covers when its just pee, but without the inserts sliding down and bunching up the minute they get wet, thanks to the brilliant snap in design. It offers adjustable absorbency without making your baby's bum the size of a bowling ball. And as long as I change them often enough (not too much more frequently than disposable in fact,) I don't get leaks or blowouts. And I love how natural and breathable the hemp is. I have had no rash problems with them the way I had with my son. And the fact that they are one-size without the rows and rows of snaps to keep track of is also an incredible feat of design.
    On top of all that, they have wonderful customer service. I was able to customize which covers I wanted in my order, and when I didn't like one of the designs I ordered (the denim one has a faux velcro pocket on the back that was kind of pokey and annoying, ) they let me send them back and sent me new ones I liked, including an extra cover to help cover my cost of shipping (which was way less than the cost of a new cover, so I got a really good deal.) They have answered all my questions and been very helpful and generous.
    This company is the future of cloth diapering, and I hope more and more people can experience their awesome design. Thank you Tidy Tots for bringing us such an amazing cloth diaper.

  • From the bottom to the top!

    Posted by Amber on 11th Sep 2015

    First, after 8 months of trying to cloth diaper my son, I was about to give up. I had send days researching the best cloth diapers for heavy wetters and bought as many as I could. None of the could hold up to my super heavy wetter. I found Tidy Tots and in a last ditch effort to cloth diaper, I decided to give them a go. So, so very thankful that I did. It has solved all the issues we had. We are no longer having to cloth diaper only at home during the day and using disposables at night and out and about. These diapers are our night time and every time solution. Even disposables can't last all night with our son! From the bottom to the top of my heart I thank you!!!

  • The Fix!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2015

    I was getting to a point where I was going to quit cloth diapering. My son was having issues with a diaper rash that absolutely WOULD. NOT. GO. AWAY. We would use disposables, and it would go away for a few days, then it would come back. I I tried every single wash routine out there and thought, "Maybe we just aren't meant to cloth diaper". Then, the other side of me would say "Cloth diapering has been around a heck of a lot longer than disposables, stick with it!" I am so glad I did. I googled "rash free cloth diapers" and Tidy Tots came up. When I looked over the website I was struck by the liner being made out of cornstarch as this is a household remedy for diaper rashes that I couldn't use with my other cloth diapers. I liked how natural this option was. Then, I saw the leak free advertisement and thought "well that's bold for them to claim." I decided to try out the essential set. Once they arrived I tore the box open (yes, you read that right, TORE. IT. OPEN). Stripped off the diaper my son had on and put him in a Tidy Tots. Two diaper changes later, my son's rash was gone. I will say, also experimented with making my own wipe solution and this has helped as well, specifically when I use my other cloth diapers. Once I had gone through my stash of Tidy Tots and it was time to launder them, I freaked out. I did not want to ruin them. I emailed the customer service line and, honestly, did not expect a reply. Less than 24 hours later I received a response from Sandra, the CEO of the company. I am not even kidding, the C.E.O. Who does that? She walked me through how to launder them and we even discussed alternate ways of laundering them as she was interested in how I laundered my other diapers. I decided to order the larger set (this one) and had an opportunity to by them from someone else for 50$ cheaper. I didn't do it. Why? Because I knew I would not get the customer service that Sandra offered. Folks, when the CEO of a company responds to your concerns in a kind, considerate way, you don't switch companies. Thank you Sandra and thank you Tidy Tots. And yes, still rash free :).

  • i don't like cloth diapers...

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2015

    To be honest, I don't like cloth diapers. I don't understand people when they say that they love cloth diapers. I had to start cloth diapering my daughter at 2 months because we discovered she is sensitive to disposals. I was not planning on cloth diapering so I had to cram months of researching into a few days. I started with a few all in ones and also some prefolds to see which I liked better. After about a week, I told myself that there had to be something better - and that is when I came across tidy tots. And I must say, I do not like cloth diapering but I like Tidy Tots.

    #1 - They are not bulky. She can wear her size and not have to size up in order for it to fit her diaper.
    #2 - They feel like they wouldn't be as hot as other all in ones, lined with fleece and micro fiber.
    #3 - They come pre-washed so you don't have to spend days washing and keeping track of how many times you washed them. Awesome! (its the little things)

    I started using these when my daughter was about 8 weeks old. She is now 8 months old and they are holding up really well. At first, they were a little big, but not so big that they leaked or anything. Now at 8 months they fit great. She is a slim, long baby.

    I used these for her overnight with no problems until a few months ago when she started eating a lot during the night. At first I tried using 2 boosters at a time, but gave up. I have found an alternate night time solution, but if your baby sleeps and doesn't eat all night, these would probably work for you.

    I am glad I found Tidy Tots. It has made cloth diapering a much more pleasant experience for me.

  • Wonderful product, wonderful company!

    Posted by Amanda on 11th Oct 2014

    After using disposables for 20 months, we dove head first into cloth diapering with a big (99th percentile in weight, 85th in height), heavy wetting little boy and to say the least we felt very overwhelmed with our options. After seeing so many reviews and praise in the mommy community, we gave Tidy Tots a shot.

    At first, things weren't going so smoothly, largely in part to our inexperience and improper washing. After posting a simple question on their Facebook page, Sandra (the CEO) linked my Facebook name with their customer list, found my personal email and contacted me directly to offer her help and support. I was stunned! Our experience with her is by far the BEST customer service we've ever encountered, and thanks to her passion and dedication to ensure every family has a great experience with Tidy Tots, we worked out the kinks and have been smooth sailing ever since. There were times we thought maybe cloth diapering wasn't for us, but her kindness made us want to push through and find what worked best for us and we're so glad we did!

    Once we figured out our best wash routine and absorbency for our son, we couldn't be happier with the product. The diapers absorb a ton and hold up well to lots of washing and line drying and the covers are so adjustable and cute. Also, unlike some other cloth diapers, they really aren't noticeable or bulky underneath clothing. Tidy Tots and Sandra are fantastic and we can't say enough to convey how wonderful our experience was and how helpful they were. Can't wait for baby #2 so we can have an excuse to buy more diapers and covers and support this awesome company!

  • Simplicity and truly LEAK PROOF!!

    Posted by Lindsey Griffin on 29th Mar 2014

    I am utterly speechless as I type this!! I have just used these diapers on both of my boys whom are 18 months and 12 weeks old. I'm still speechless!! Where do I begin?! I have cloth diapered my first born for over 16 months, and my 12 week old, for about 8 weeks. I have used prefolds, pockets, etc. and have ALWAYS had a leak, at some point. Have. And let me repeat....HAVE had leaks. I was extremely skeptical with the 'no leak' print on the website and packaging. Surely nothing can be leak proof, especially with my boys whom pee allllll the time! Lol. These ARE LEAK PROOF!!! And the hemp diapers(inserts) are SUPER SUPER absorbent! I usually have to use 2 microfiber inserts, or 1 microfiber and 1 bamboo together, or with my prefolds I add in an extra cloth. They get to be sooo bulky, and still will leak. These....nothing! No leak, and NOT bulky! Recommending? Holy cow yes!! The word is going to be spread and sang in the mountains! I love these diapers a. D the passion and love that goes into each thread of these diapers. Pure passion, and it has made this mommy super happy. Super happy. And my boys....they are dry. Priceless.

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