Newborn Cloth Diaper Essential Set

Newborn Cloth Diaper Essential Set


Essential set of cloth diapers are great if you need to supplement your supply, or want to give Tidy Tots a try. Our patented design provides unmatched performance, No leaks, No diaper rash, No Ick. Get your newborn baby started with cloth diapering with this diaper set.
Our Newborn Size fits most babies 6-16lbs.

Each Newborn Essential Set contains:

  • 2 cute, comfortable, and No leak cloth diaper covers made for newborn
  • 4 No Fold™ Diapers – Organic hemp super absorbent no fuss diapers that snap in with ease.
  • 4 Boosters – Organic hemp inserts to customize absorbency.
  • 1 roll of 100 disposable Flushies® cloth diaper liners protects the hemp diaper from the solids; just flush away the mess.

A $122 value for one great price.

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